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Our Facebook social group was the foundation of The Black Experience. Originating in Dec of 2016, the group has grown to over 9900 members that connect daily for news, entertainment, and friendship. The group currently features important debates, casual conversations, contests, games, birthday shout-outs, small business days, and more. We’ve linked face to face locally at meet-ups and have made close connections with those near and far. The group is managed by a tight-knit admod team that likes to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

If you’re interested in joining The Black Experience, please put in your request! Be sure to answer ALL questions honestly for a fast track into the group. 

Basic Info

Created: December 27, 2016
Current Platform: Facebook group
Members as of March 2022: 11.6k

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These rules may be edited from time to time. We will put a notification in the group.

The group is very active, and we’ve put these rules into place to keep things running smoothly. If you have questions about any of these rules or your status in the group, please reach out to one of the admins there.

When requesting to join the group, please answer the four entrance questions. Answering these questions completely will allow you to be approved faster.

Once in the group, allow yourself a grace period of 14 days to look around and get a feel for the people and types of content we share. This will grant you the opportunity to make sure the group is a good fit for you.

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1. Respect

Please treat everyone within the group with respect. Attack the issue, not the person. If you don’t agree with someone, agree to disagree and move on to something else.

Do not attack anyone’s sexuality, gender, gender expression, religion, disability, etc.

Members may never dox another member and share “receipts” in the group. We want to keep all members as safe as possible. 

2. Privacy

The group is a closed group and will always be a closed group. That means that only members can read what is posted there. Don’t screenshot or share anything from the group.

If you want to share an image or link, please take that image or link directly and share it. If you don’t know how, ask, and someone will help you.

3. Tone Police

Many conversations are about race relations and controversial topics. Be sure not to police another member’s tone. Just because you aren’t angry doesn’t mean they can’t be. Scroll past.



🏳️‍🌈 The group is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. That means the slurs that usually fly in other places are not allowed. Watch your language. Homophobic/transphobic language is not tolerated and will get you muted or banned.


Be respectful.

Read + Listen = Learn.

5. Advertising and Solicitation

Advertising and solicitation are not allowed in the group without prior permission. This includes advertising ANY business, service, product, blog, site, contest, event, FB page/group, social media accounts, etc.

If you want to share a post from your Facebook profile or page, copy the content of the post directly into the group.

We don’t allow solicitations for money, donations, votes, help with book content, school papers, etc.

Do not ask members to contact you privately for more information about “opportunities” that are related to your business or service.

We occasionally have a post for small business advertisements.

6. Admin Removal or Decline of Post/Comment

Admin and mods will use discretion when removing a post or comment. When possible, the member may be notified of the removal of their content. If a post or comment is removed, don’t start a new post asking why or to continue the topic. Some reasons for a post or comment removal may include:

  1. Something that was already shared.
  2. Rule violation.
  3. Trolling attempt.

7. Trolling

Trolling can cause an immediate ban. (Trolling: make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post/comment to upset someone or elicit an angry response from them.)

❗️Trash and Trolls are met harshly in this group and will NOT be respected.

8. Deleting Posts or Comment Threads (Dirty Deletes)

If you start a post and that post gets comments, please don’t delete it.
If you comment and that comment gets replies, please don’t delete it.

One thing we hate is contributing to a conversation and then finding out later all of our well-thought-out ideas, and the energy and time we invested in it have all been deleted. Make edits, but removing may get you blocked from the group.

If someone deletes a post/comment, feel free to send any screenshots to the admin. DON’T start a new post or call out the member publicly. Our team will address it privately.

9. Blocking & Mutes

Blocking admins or moderators (admods) is not permitted. Make sure you’re familiar with the admod team. Blocking one of them will result in a warning or an immediate block from the group. If you are having an issue with a moderator, please contact the group creator privately. If you have an issue with the group’s creator, please contact her privately or leave the group quietly.

Members may also be muted or blocked from the group for a rule violation or going back and forth with staff about violations of rules. Concerns about how the moderators handle issues should always be sent privately.

Members may also be removed immediately at the discretion of the admin team.

10. Misogynoir

We don’t allow misogynoir. Misogynoir is misogyny specifically directed towards Black women.

This includes condoning or excusing violence against or abuse of Black women, attacks on skin tone or hair texture/styles, perpetuating the idea that Black women can handle anything, calling them angry for speaking up/out, believing that Black women are inherently sexual, patronizing them while debating, etc. This is not a complete list of examples. 

11. Respectability Politics

Many people believe that if Black people would just “do right” they would have less trouble in America. This is known as respectability politics. Becoming educated, dressing well, playing by rules, or living well does not relieve Black Americans of the issues they face. Shifting the blame to the oppressed group, instead of pushing the group in power to make changes, has no effect.

We don’t allow this in the group. This may result in a warning or ban from the group.

12. Required Age

All members must be 18 or over.

13. Content

We are aiming to spark a conversation with each post. To keep the group from becoming littered with funny videos and pictures, caption this type of post in a way that will stimulate conversation.

Since we can’t monitor the content of a live video, we will not approve these types of posts. Video submissions will take longer to accept because we need to review them. Longer videos may never be approved.

No nudity or x-rated material. Facebook doesn’t allow this type of content, so neither do we.

Anything that violates Facebook’s community standards will not be approved or may be removed.

14. Reverse Racism

There is no such thing as reverse racism. There are two types of racism, systemic and individual. Individual racism is when a privileged person discriminates against someone for their race. It takes power AND discrimination. Systemic racism is embedded in society as a regular practice. This can affect laws, housing, health care, education, employment, and other issues. Black people can be prejudiced and discriminate against white people, but lack the power to oppress or be racist. Arguing about this can cause a group mute or ban.

15. Appropriation vs. Assimilation

Assimilation is not appropriation. Arguing about this can result in a group mute or ban.

16. Caping

We don’t allow caping for non-Black people. This is OUR group to vent in. Do not check our members.

17. New Profiles/Back-Up Profiles

If you create a new profile and want it added to the group, please let an admin know first. Duplicate accounts will not be approved unless we’re informed.

18. Contests

We often have contests and giveaways.

  • If you’re only active for contests and not much else, expect to be disqualified.
  • You cannot win more than one contest every 90 days OR back to back.
  • If our team has muted you within the last 90 days, you will not be eligible to play or win.
  • Individual contests may have their own rules.

19. Exchanges

We often have fun exchanges throughout the year (secret Santa, secret Valentine, etc). We try to implement these exchanges as safely as we can. Each exchange will have its own rules, but the rules below are universal:

  • If you have been muted in the last 90 days, you cannot join.
  • If you’ve ever signed up and not followed through on your end, you can no longer take part in any exchange.

20. Meet & Greet

MAGs are social meet-ups for our group members. Group rules apply at all MAGs. Check the group for MAGs that may happen near you.

If you are planning a MAG, please be sure to share information with our admin team beforehand and afterward. Share pics using one of the tags below. (if you don’t see a tag for your location, contact admin).


21. Leaving the Group

If you find the group doesn’t fit your needs and you will be leaving, do so without creating a new post about it.


Have a question?

When you request to join the group, we ask that you answer four questions. Answering those questions completely and honestly will allow us to approve your membership faster.

If you've answered all of the questions and your request has been sitting for more than a week, please reach out to an admin to find out what you need to do to do to finalize your membership.


Group of Friends
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Our main group has spawned smaller sub-groups with a tighter focus. Once you’ve joined the main group, you are free to request access to any of the sub-groups listed below.

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