Black Culture Month

Black Culture Month Roadmap

Our Journey to August 2024

The journey to launching the inaugural Black Culture Month (BCM) is filled with exciting milestones, thoughtful planning, and community engagement. From crafting the vision of BCM to the grand celebration in August 2024, every step is geared toward creating an enriching experience that celebrates the depth and breadth of Black culture. Here’s a glance at our roadmap, detailing our month-by-month approach leading up to this monumental event.

Disclaimer: This roadmap is a dynamic guide. As we navigate the intricate planning process, there might be adjustments or shifts in our approach. Always check back for the most updated version as we remain committed to delivering the best for Black Culture Month.

August 2023: Launch and Vision Setting

  • Official introduction of BCM to the community.
  • Define the vision, mission, and objectives for BCM 2024.
  • Open up calls for a planning committee and focus groups.

September 2023: Assembling the Dream Team

  • Selection and onboarding of the committee.
  • Initial brainstorming sessions.
  • Set targets for sponsorships, partnerships, and collaborations.

October 2023: Foundation Building

  • Lock in the visual identity for BCM (logo, banners, themes).
  • Detailed mapping of the event structure and format.
  • Identify key influencers, stakeholders, and partners.

November 2023: Strategic Planning

  • Develop a strategic marketing and promotional plan.
  • Outline content needs: blogs, social media posts, promotional materials.
  • Research potential partners, sponsors, and collaborators.

December 2023: Community Outreach

  • Engage with the community for their input and suggestions.
  • Year-end review: Evaluate and adjust the planning process.
  • Foster relationships with potential partners.

January 2024: Partnership and Content Development

  • Finalize the list of themes and topics to be covered during BCM.
  • Solidify partnerships, aligning with each partner’s contribution to the event.
  • Begin curating and developing content for daily themes.

February 2024: Detailed Planning

  • Deep dive into event logistics: tech setup, platforms, resources.
  • Develop a tentative schedule of events for BCM.
  • Celebrate Black History Month and draw distinctions from BCM.

March 2024: Engaging with Voices

  • Confirm speakers, hosts, and special guests for BCM.
  • Begin promotional activities highlighting the uniqueness of BCM.
  • Engage the community with regular updates and teasers.

April 2024: Finalizing Plans

  • Review all preparations and ensure alignment with the vision.
  • Begin crafting promotional content for social media and partners.
  • Engage with volunteers, making sure all roles are defined.

May 2024: Dry Runs and Preparations

  • Conduct dry runs of events, especially online components.
  • Focus on community engagement and generating excitement.
  • Refine event schedules and details based on dry run feedback.

June 2024: The Home Stretch

  • Final confirmations with partners, sponsors, and speakers.
  • Intensive promotional activities.
  • Make necessary logistical adjustments.

July 2024: Pre-Event Momentum

  • Rally the community with countdowns and highlights.
  • Ensure all technical, logistical, and promotional elements are in place.
  • Engage with frequent updates, making sure the community is ready to participate.

August 2024: Black Culture Month Celebration

  • Execute the planned events, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Continuously engage with the community, capturing feedback in real time.
  • Celebrate the culmination of a year’s worth of planning and effort.

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