Black Culture Month

Black Culture Month Roadmap

Our Journey to August 2024

January 2024: Establishing Foundations

  • Finalize Themes and Topics for BCM.
  • Lock in the visual identity for BCM (logo, banners, themes).
  • Detailed mapping of the event structure and format.
  • Identify key influencers, stakeholders, and partners.
  • Develop a strategic marketing and promotional plan.

February 2024: Strategic Planning and Outreach

  • Outline content needs: blogs, social media posts, promotional materials.
  • Research potential partners, sponsors, and collaborators.
  • Engage with the community for their input and suggestions.
  • Year-end review: Evaluate and adjust the planning process.

March 2024: Partner Engagement and Content Curation

  • Foster relationships with potential partners.
  • Solidify partnerships, aligning with each partner’s contribution to the event.
  • Begin curating and developing content for daily themes.
  • Deep dive into event logistics: tech setup, platforms, resources.

April 2024: Event Structuring and Confirmation

  • Develop a tentative schedule of events for BCM.
  • Celebrate Black History Month and draw distinctions from BCM.
  • Confirm speakers, hosts, and special guests for BCM.
  • Begin promotional activities highlighting the uniqueness of BCM.

May 2024: Community Engagement and Preparation

  • Engage the community with regular updates and teasers.
  • Review all preparations and ensure alignment with the vision.
  • Begin crafting promotional content for social media and partners.
  • Engage with volunteers, making sure all roles are defined.

June 2024: Event Readiness and Refinement

  • Conduct dry runs of events, especially online components.
  • Focus on community engagement and generating excitement.
  • Refine event schedules and details based on dry run feedback.
  • Final confirmations with partners, sponsors, and speakers.

July 2024: Intensive Promotion and Final Touches

  • Intensive promotional activities.
  • Make necessary logistical adjustments.
  • Rally the community with countdowns and highlights.
  • Ensure all technical, logistical, and promotional elements are in place.

August 2024 (Event Month): Execution and Celebration

  • Engage with frequent updates, making sure the community is ready to participate.
  • Execute the planned events, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Continuously engage with the community, capturing feedback in real time.
  • Celebrate the culmination of a year’s worth of planning and effort during Black Culture Month.
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