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Reading Challenge 2023

Are you ready for a reading challenge to help get in some more reading time and to make your way through some of those books you have?!

What is a reading challenge?

A reading challenge offers readers a set of goals. Our challenges comprise reading prompts you will find books to fit. We have created 23 prompts for the 2023 challenge. Try to read books based on each of them! Finish the first 20 to complete the challenge and try the bonuses if you still have time! The challenge ends 12/31/2023.

How do I join the challenge?

You can join the challenge on The StoryGraph, a Black-owned alternative to Amazon’s Goodreads.
After signing up for The StoryGraph, join the challenge and then start reading! When you find a book that you want to read that fits one of the prompts, you can add the book to the challenge and track your progress.
If you don’t want to use StoryGraph, you can also track your progress yourself using the image below. Save the image to your device to mark off prompts after completing them. 
TBE Reading Challenge 2023 List
And here’s a PDF version that you can print! 

Where can I discuss what I read?

Chat about the books you’re reading or share your progress in our book club group! The book club is a subgroup of the main group. Be sure to join both!
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I’m joining this!

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