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10 Black Beauty Influencers to Check Out

As a Black woman who considers herself to be a beauty and fashion enthusiast, I love staying up-to-date with what’s not only trendy but groundbreaking information and products that work for us. And it’s crucial to get the details from a Black person. Out of the growing number of dope Black beauty influencers, here are a few that you should bookmark and save in your internet browser’s “favorites” list. They are giving you the scoop, the details, and all the information you need to get your beauty regimen skills on point!

1. Jackie Aina

Beauty Influencer: Jackie Aina

If you haven’t been following her already, you need to. She’s one of the leading beauty influencers for a reason. Sis knows her stuff! She not only shares her helpful beauty tips, but she gives you honest insight into everything you need to know about makeup applications, brands, skincare lines, and fashion. You never want to miss out on her latest YouTube videos. Besides being light and funny, they are very informative and clear, especially with products made for women of color, specifically Black women.

Instagram: @jackieaina

2. Christina Abiola

Beauty Influencer: Christina Abiola

 I first came across this beauty influencer when I saw her gorgeous maternity photoshoot. I’m sure you’ve seen it circulating all over the Internet. The photos showed her posing as an expectant mom with a solid, deep yellow-hued background and vibrantly colored flowers adorned in her hair and on her body. Sis slayed us as she proudly showed off her belly! Stretch-marks and all! She was GLOWING. Since then, she has been sharing a range of beauty tips for new moms. Dental, skin, and hair all change because of pregnancy hormones, so her content is necessary and relatable.

Instagram: @christinaabiola

3. Tavaris Jefferson

Beauty Influencer: Tavaris Jefferson

Let’s talk bold and charismatic! Tavaris is that, and so much more. He came into the beauty scene from his YouTube channel at age 15 and has since been known for his quotes that skincare and makeup are “therapeutic.” His videos on YouTube sharing, not just tips and how-tos, but also the reality and struggles of diversity in the beauty business. If you haven’t checked out his Instagram, you are missing out! He has photos and videos on most makeup looks, from daytime to evening, and special events!

Instagram: @varijstylez

4. Jessica Pettway

Beauty Influencer: Jessica Pettway

Ms. “Big hair enthusiast” and LA-based beauty influencer, Jessica, is probably one of the OGs when it comes to being a beauty guru and digital creator. There is no way you can follow any other Black beauty influencer or blogger and never come across Jessica Pettway. She has been serving us Black girl magic for years. Known for her neutral and brown hues in her captivating photos that match her beautiful brown skin, Jessica shares beauty tips from head to toe. She is one beauty influencer that gives gorgeous visuals while also giving us the scoop on hair, makeup, skin, fashion, mommy hood, and marital growth. We enjoy not only watching as she grows within the beauty industry but as her family grows as well. And when we say growing family, this now new expectant mom is not slowing down on that either, and we are just here to enjoy the ride!

Instagram: @jessicapettway

5. Aderonke Raji

Artist: Ronkeraji

Another Black beauty to keep up with is Aderonke AKA “Ronke.” With her MAC Cosmetics background, she’s dedicated YEARS to this industry. Ronke is best known for her bold and vibrant makeup techniques, the photo and video tips she’s shared while doing other Black women’s makeup, her videos on Nigerian formal makeup (including for her engagement shoot), and traditional Nigerian wedding. Like many other beauty influencers, Ronke is not shy about sharing her insight with visually pleasing photos and videos that showcase her personal growth.

Instagram: @ronkeraji

6. Terrell Britten

Esthetician: Terrell Britten

Mr. Skincare and Affirmations himself. Terrell is that best friend we all wish we had. And probably the one we claim in our heads. He is my go-to person for self-care and, of course, skincare. Skincare has always been important to Black women, and as a licensed esthetician, Terrell’s main content is based on helping you achieve the best skin you can. His quirky and insightful videos give us the fundamentals of what we need to maintain healthy skin while he also shares his personal growth and accomplishments. 

Instagram: @terrellbritten

7. Joie Gadsden

Makeup Artist: The Golden Nug

Twenty-one years young, Joie, AKA the Golden Nug, is another force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry. This beauty influencer is not only a pro at editorial makeup, but she has some good tips on skincare regimens and is always giving us the scoop on how to achieve a good makeup routine. What I like about her is sis is not afraid to collaborate and shout out other creatives and beauty influencers. Her product reviews are consistently on point, and I always look forward to seeing how well she does her client’s makeup.

Instagram: @thegoldnnug

8. Mena Adubea

Content Creator: Mena Adubea

For quick and informative videos on makeup, skincare, and hair, Mena is your girl. She’s shared countless photos and videos on product reviews and simple methods to follow when it comes to doing a bold eye look. This beautiful Black beauty influencer is not afraid to be bare-faced as she shows us how well a product is doing for her skin. She’s also not reluctant to show us how she achieves a quick style with wigs or her natural hair and how she maintains having it as healthy as possible. You can catch her feed full of smiling photos and fun colors.

Instagram: @mena_adubea

9. Nyma Tang

Beauty Influencer: Nyma Tang

Nyma is one of my favorite Black beauty influencers, and for many reasons. She is one of those beauty influencers that is in a lane that no one else can even try to get in. She is unapologetic about her beautiful Black skin, and it shows in the content she shares. Sis is not afraid of colorful makeup, hair, or clothes, all of which darker-skinned Black women have avoided for years. Her product reviews are always on point and unbiased, which is also something we need. Especially with shade matching for Black skin. Surprisingly enough, there are still a few brands that are slipping. Nyma has proven to be an essential member of the group of leading Black beauty influencers. 

Instagram: @nymatang

10. Kenneth Senegal

Beauty Influencer: Kenneth Senegal

I call him the contour slayer. Kenneth can get your struggle contour skills to an A++ in no time. And when I say color! He is always giving us lips, eyes, and hair realness. Rarely seen without a flawless face, and almost always sharing his how-tos. He doesn’t skimp on any new tea while sharing the details on the equally fabulous products he used. Don’t worry, Kenneth has some soft glam photos and videos for you to follow, but if ever you are in the mood for a bold orange lip look, look no further!

Instagram: @kennethsenegal

If you are like me, then you are always looking for new tips and how-tos for beauty. It’s even more imperative to find beauty content that caters to Black men and women. Now is a good time to check out some Black beauty influencers. Not only are the numbers of influencers making it more accessible to get the help and inspiration you need, but the standard of beauty is continuously growing in such a positive way. And thanks to the 10 Black beauty influencers previewed here, we have nothing to worry about!

Which ones do you follow?
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