Ja Rule, N.O.R.E, & Waka Flocka Think Black People Should Stop Using the N-Word

The debate about the use of the N-word continues. Most people agree that they don’t want non-Black people to say the word. The history is too dark and violent. However, when it comes to Black people reclaiming the slur for their use, the question remains. Is it okay?

Rapper, Ja Rule, says it’s time we abolish the word entirely. He recently shared a clip of Drink Champs hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, along with rapper Waka Flocka Flame discussing the topic. Both Waka and N.O.R.E said the word needs to be removed from everyone’s vocabulary.

Drink Champs; N.O.R.E. DJ EFN

“I think we should stop saying ‘n**ga’, I think the word ‘n**ga’ should be stopped in our whole vocabulary,” N.O.R.E said in the clip.

Ja Rule agrees.

“I agree my brothers!!! Abolish the N-Word… repost!!! as black men we shouldn’t want to refer to each other as a word that was meant to demean and oppress our ppl…” he said on his Instagram page.


This conversation makes us think of the time that Ja was confused about what the N-word meant.

I hope he eventually figured it out.

Do you think Black people should remove the word from their vocabulary altogether?

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