D-Nice Gets the Virtual Party Started AGAIN. Tonight!

Have you been tuning in for D-Nice’s Homeschool parties on Instagram Live? D-Nice, known for his hit, “Call Me D-Nice,” released in the early 90s, has been keeping us entertained during the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

Instagram Virtual Party

These virtual dance parties are keeping spirits high all over the world. Many people are on lockdown in their cities, unable to leave their homes unless necessary, and D-Nice comes straight into their living room, bringing them the hits to make them smile and temporarily forget their troubles. No charge!

With “crowds” reaching over 160,000, and celebrity guests, such as Michelle Obama stopping in, it’s definitely a PARTY!

Make sure you tune in to catch D-Nice tonight as he teams up with Michelle Obama for his Couch Party: A Voter Registration Live Set.

Couch Party



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